The Faust compiler

The Faust compiler is available as a Faust github project with backends for C++, C, JAVA, JavaScript, ASM JavaScript, LLVM IR, WebAssembly and Interpreter. It has dependencies, in particular LLVM and libmicrohttpd. The LLVM backend is needed to compile FaustLive and other projects using the libfaust embedded Faust compiler.

You can also clone the github repository with the following command :

git clone faust

Faust is easy to compile and to run on Mac and Linux. For Windows users we recommend to use FaustLive.

Projects using the embedded Faust compiler

Several projects using the embedded Faust compiler are available thanks to libfaust and LLVM (the technology also used in FaustLive), in particular:

Please note that Faust can also be used from Csound6 and an experimental version of Antescofo.


FaustLive is the recommended tool to get started with Faust. Thanks to its embedded Faust compiler, FaustLive provides an ultra-short edit-compile-run cycle. Moreover FaustLive is multi-platform and doesn’t require any additional compiler or development tool (beside a simple code editor).

FaustLive demo

Here is a short video explaining the main characteristics of the FaustLive application: