GRAME is happy to announce the release of FAUST 0.9.67 !

This release provides many bug fixes and improvements in several architectures (Audio Units, VTSi, etc.) and libraries, as well as two very exiting new tools.


This tool, based on developments by Myles Borins at CCRMA, and by Mike Solomon and Stephane Letz at GRAME, allows to make realtime audio applications in a web browser ! faust2webaudioasm uses emscripten to translate Faust programs to efficient Javascript code (asm.js) embedded in a single HTML page. Check some examples (best results with firefox 29):

The two following ones are polyphonic instruments that can be controlled with MIDI. Check them with Chrome (don’t forget to activate Web MIDI API).


faust2owl allows to develop effects for the OWL programmable effects pedal. See for the pedal, and a short demo of a wah wah effect here.