Faust Award 2016: deadline June 1, 2016

The Faust Open-Source Software Competition is intended to promote innovative high-quality free audio software developed with the Faust programming language, as well as development tools build around the Faust compiler itself. The Faust Open-Source Software award will be attributed to the best submission by an international committee of leading experts in the field. The competition is sponsored by Grame, centre national de création musicale. The winning software will receive a 2000€ price to encourage its authors. The results will be announced July 15, 2016. Faust Awards 2016

To participate, the software must be provided with source code and licensed with a Free/Open Source license. A substantial part of the software must be written in Faust and the Faust source code must be provided. As part of the review process, the software will be built from the sources. All source code, license, video demonstration, installation instructions, and any other documentation must be available on a public web page. License compatibility with other open source software is encouraged. Dependencies on non-open source third-party software are discouraged, with the exception of operating systems and freely available commercial packages.

Authors are required to prepare a video demonstrating the software. This video must be done carefully, and should convincingly present the qualities of the software. The submission must also contain any useful documentation, including examples of how the provided software might be used, existing prototypes that use the software, download statistics or other public usage information. The criteria for judging submissions includes broad applicability and potential impact, novelty, technical depth, reusability, etc.

Junior Competition

In parallel to the Faust Open-Source Software Competition we introduce this year a junior competition, the Faust Student Software Competition, with a 200€ prize for the winner. The Faust Student Software Competition is intended to promote interesting audio processing and synthesis applications written in Faust in a single file in less than 1000 words. The word count is done after removing the comments from the code:

cat foo.dsp | stripcmt | wc -w.

The use of the standard Faust libraries is strongly encouraged. They don’t take part in the word count.

Important dates

  • Start of the competition: February 8, 2016
  • Software Submission Deadline: June 1, 2016
  • Results of the competition: July 1, 2016

Submission Guidelines

Authors interested in participating in the Faust Open Source Software Competition or the Faust Student Software Competition should send a submission email to faustaward@grame.fr with a PDF file attached containing the following information:

  • Title of submission,
  • Category of submission (Faust Open Source Software Competition or Faust Student Software Competition),
  • Name, email and affiliation of the main author,
  • Names, emails and affiliations of other authors,
  • A permanent link for the open source software (e.g., Sourceforge, GitHub, Google Code, etc.),
  • A permanent link for the video demonstration (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, etc.),
  • A link to a compressed archive file that contains the software (source code, documentation, build/install instructions, and licenses). Comprehensive and clear build/install instructions will be a crucial component of any submission. The committee will make a reasonable effort to build the software for the top contributions, but if they are unable to make the software run, it will be excluded from the competition.

International Committee

  • Jean-Louis Giavitto (IRCAM, Paris, France),
  • Albert Gräf (Johannes Gutenberg U., Mainz, Germany),
  • Pierre Jouvelot (Ecole des Mines, Paris, France),
  • Victor Lazzarini (Maynooth U., Maynooth, Ireland),
  • Romain Michon (CCRMA, Stanford , USA)
  • Yann Orlarey (Grame, Lyon, France),
  • Dave Phillips (Musician/Journalist, Findlay, USA)
  • Laurent Pottier (U. Jean Monnet, Saint Etienne, France),
  • Julius Smith (CCRMA, Stanford , USA)

Previous Winners

  • 2015: Guitarix, by Hermann Meyer and Andreas Degert