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Sound Programming using FAUST”, written by Jin-Wook Chae, an experienced audio developer and sound engineer (right) and Hyun-Hoo Jung (left), is the very first book ever published on FAUST.

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While the book is written in Korean, I was able to really appreciate the choice of the examples and the elegance as well as the high quality of the code. I am sure it will be an invaluable tool to promote FAUST in Korea among sound engineering, computer music students and more generally any person interested in sound programming.

This book is for people desiring to produce musical instruments or sound processors. I have always been instructing my students that the ultimate importance is to discover interesting ideas about the sound. In spite of that, I have often relied on an unflattering response such as “you may need to learn a programming language like C/C++…” when a student asked for help with how to execute his/her ideas related to sound.

Now I am pleased to recommend the use of FAUST to bring such ideas into execution. This is an easy self-study guide that can help to do just that. Now I can confidently tell anybody pursuing sound or electronic music that their exciting and brilliant idea about sound is what truly counts!

So, really, how do we execute our ideas? Today I am introducing you to FAUST and to this book which you will find immensely helpful in terms of how to use FAUST to bring your fabulous ideas into reality.

Jinwook Chae