Learning Faust

Multiple ressources are available to learn how to use Faust and some of its associated tools. Keep in mind that most Faust programs can be executed without installing anything on your system using the online editor !

If you’re in a hury

If you’re in a hurry and just wanna have a look at how Faust programs look like, you can simply check the Faust examples page.

If you wanna get started with Faust

If you’re looking for a step by step tutorial of approximately 2 hours that will walk you through writing simple Faust programs and give you an overview of what Faust can do, have a look at our Quick Start Tutorial.

If you’re looking for the “Manual”

Faust’s syntax and features are thoroughly documented in the Faust Manual. This resource contains hundreds of code examples and many short tutorials.

If you’re looking for the documentation of a function in the Faust libraries

The documentation of Faust’s standard libraries is automatically generated directly from the libraries’ source code.

If you’re looking for tutorials on various topics around Faust

The Faust tutorials page contains a wide range of tutorials on Faust ranging from using Faust to make audio plug-ins from scratch to designing new architectures for Faust.

Other Resources

Other resources on Faust are available on the web:

Other ressources are being baked. In particular, the new Faust Kadenze Course should be released on January 6, 2019!